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Edited On October 31, 2022

Every year since we've had kids we do a family halloween costume for Boo at the Zoo. The rule is that the kids can do whatever they want for halloween, but we do family costumes for Boo at the Zoo, and I'm flipping proud of them. I've never been much for costumes, but this I can get behind. Without further ado, here are our costumes throughout the years.

Oh, and before we get started. One rule we have is that every kid's fist Halloween is in the lobster costume.

  1. A Leagues of Their Own Featuring Dorothy "Dottie" Hinson, Ernie Capadino (AAGPBL scout), Kit Keller, Jimmy Dugan, and Marla Hooch

    family halloween costume 2022.

    kids costume 2022.

  2. Star Wars Portmanteaus Introducing Garth Vader, Big League Chewie, It's a (Lobster) Trap, General Leia Organic, and Rey Charles

    family halloween costume 2021.

    kids costume 2021.

  3. Jurassic Park Staring Hammond, Grant, Ellie, and Roberta the T-Rex.

    Jurrasic Park family halloween costume 2020.

    close up 2020 costume.

  4. The Magic School Bus Brought to you by Miss Frizzle and Liz, the bus, the ocean, and a lobster.

    The Magic School Bus family halloween costume 2019.

    Miss Frizzel and Liz costume.

  5. Rubber Ducky Featuring a rubber ducky, a loofa, and a shower.

    Rubber Ducky family halloween costume 2018.

    family in costume.

  6. Lobster Fishermen Pictured here the gorton's fisherman, a fisherlady, and a lobster.

    Lobster Fishermen family halloween costume 2017.

    the first lobster costume.

  7. Burger King and Dairy Queen We are fast food royalty

    Burger King and Diary Queen family halloween costume 2016.

  8. Brawny Man and Paper Towels Don't tell anyone, but this is exactly what I wore to work that day.

    Brawny Man family halloween costume 2015.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and please check back next year.