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Cobalt Next

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I believe that my code editor, terminal, and a slew of other mac applications can help increase my productivity and enjoyment in doing what I do. I've spent a lot of time – probably more than I actually want to think about – making and maintaining Cobalt next.

Time is a huge factor in staying productive. Your editor is the one tool you spend most of yours in and you should invest in optimizing your workflow skills. You'll benefit from them everyday. Wes has some of the best insights in workflow of anyone I know.

Addy Osmani

To me, it's time well spent. One of the reasons that I love apple – and have for a long time – is that everything on a mac or iPhone looks like it belongs. Consistency is key, and I wanted to make sure I set up that same level of consistency for me. Making my tools work for me helps me to use them better.

I've got Cobalt Next for VS Code, Hyper (dark version), Alfred, Insomnia, and others I've forgotten since I'm so used to it now.

My Contributions:

So much time and so much JSON.